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bool ladish_app_supervisor_enum ( ladish_app_supervisor_handle  supervisor_handle,
void *  context,
ladish_app_supervisor_enum_callback  callback 

Iterate apps that are owned by supervisor

[in]supervisor_handlesupervisor object handle
[in]contextUser defined context to be supplied when the callback suppiled through the callback parameter is called
[in]callbackCallback to call for each app

Definition at line 592 of file app_supervisor.c.

  struct list_head * node_ptr;
  struct ladish_app * app_ptr;

  list_for_each(node_ptr, &supervisor_ptr->applist)
    app_ptr = list_entry(node_ptr, struct ladish_app, siblings);

    if (!callback(context, app_ptr->name, app_ptr->pid != 0, app_ptr->commandline, app_ptr->terminal, app_ptr->level, app_ptr->pid, app_ptr->uuid))
      return false;

  return true;

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